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Douglas Muccio, Ph.D.

Muccio, D.J. & Hector, M.A. (2005).  The experience of retiring from sports following a career in intercollegiate athletics:  A phenomenological investigation.  Academic Athletic Journal, 18 (1), 1-21.

Johanna Slivinske, M.S.W., L.S.W.

2014: “Trauma and Emotional Healing” is an article that is on the OUP blog. It can be accessed at:

2012: “Blackbirds.” (Poem) The New Social Worker, Spring, 2012.
 Author: Johanna Slivinske.
 “Blackbirds” is a thought-provoking poem regarding the complexities of human relationships.

2012: “The Job Club Support Group: Multiple Disabilities.” (Book chapter published in Riding the Mutual Aid Bus and Other Adventures in Group Work: A Days in the Lives of Social Workers Collection, Hat Communications).

This book chapter is a description of a typical day in the life of a social worker leading a group for individuals with multiple disabilities.

2011: Storytelling and Other Activities for Children in Therapy. (Book). John Wiley & Sons: Hoboken, New Jersey.

Authors: Johanna Slivinske, Lee Slivinske. Our book, Storytelling and Other Activities for Children in Therapy, provides practitioners with the knowledge, insight and tools to help children and their families work through their treatment issues using storytelling and other activities. This innovative book is designed to assist in easing the pain of emotionally hurt children towards a discovery of their inner strengths and resilience for life. A thoughtful foreword is written by Dr. Hester Doyle of Yale, and emotion-provoking photographs were taken by Mr. Carl Leet.

2010/2011: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Trumbull Advocacy and Protective Network: A Formative Evaluation. Journal of Applied Gerontology, (2), 254-266, (also published online February 16, 2010, doi:10.1177/0733464810361347).

Authors: Lee Slivinske, Johanna Slivinske

This journal article measures the effectiveness of the TAPN network serving older adults in the region.

2009: How to Cope with Metastatic Breast Cancer. (online article for ehow)

Author: Johanna Slivinske

2009: How to Prevent Heart Disease In Women. (online article for ehow)

Author: Johanna Slivinske

2009: How to Recognize the Early Signs of Dementia. (online article for ehow)

Author: Johanna Slivinske

2005/2006: Technology in Long-Term Care: A Pilot Study. International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society, 1, (4), 2005/2006, 83-92.

Authors: Lee Slivinske, Johanna Slivinske. This article addresses the application of adaptive technology in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes.