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Julia Clemente, MS, PCC-S

Professional Clinical Counselor
Supervising Counselor

Austintown Clinic


Professional Clinical Counselor


YSU:  Bachelor of Arts-1998, Masters in Community Counseling-2000.

Professional History

1999-2009:  Therapist at Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic

2009-Present:  Therapist at PsyCare Austintown. 


BWC and chronic pain issues
Adolescent and Family Treatment
Women’s Issues
Marriage and Family Therapy

Professional Objectives

“It is my belief that the individuals that walk through the doors of this office are motivated and courageous enough to take steps and set goals for personal fulfillment.  In my role as therapist, I am constantly striving to empower individuals to succeed in setting, achieving and maintaining these goals.  It is often through work in areas of emotional healing, problem solving, increasing coping skills and communication skills that personal growth can be life changing.   It is truly a rewarding experience to be part of, and witness to, individuals and families achieving the happiness and fulfillment they deserve.”

Theoretical Orientation

The basis of my theoretical approach is cognitive behavioral techniques, largely driven by the work of Albert Ellis. This approach targets the negative thought/feeling processes and negative assumptions of oneself that can sometimes lead to maladaptive behavior patterns. In addition, the work of William Glasser in Reality Therapy has also been influential in developing my theoretical framework. This approach tends to focus on the here-and-now actions of individuals and how/what changes can be made to achieve a better, more fulfilling future. It is also my belief, that strong evaluation skills in diagnosis is the foundation to building a solid treatment plan for success.